The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences has named the Anim’est International Animation Film Festival an Academy qualifying festival for the Short Film Awards.


The recipient of Anim’est’s annual Trophy is now eligible for consideration in the Animated Short Film category of the Academy Awards®, without the standard theatrical run that a film typically needs to qualify for an Oscar® nomination.


Anim’est is the first film festival in Romania to join the prestigious list including names such as Annecy, Berlin, Cannes, Sundance and Stuttgart. The film chosen by a professional international jury to be awarded the Trophy at the 12th edition to be held in Bucharest between 6 and 15 October will be eligible for consideration for the 2017 Oscars®, provided the film complies with all the Academy rules.


Anim’est is a member of CARTOON, the European Association of Animation Film. The festival is organized by the Este’n’est Cultural Association, with the support of the National Centre of Cinematography, the Ministry of Culture of Romania, the Romanian Filmmakers Union and the Romanian Cultural Institute.  


About Anim’est IAFF

Anim’est is the only animation film festival in Romania and has received tremendous acclaim in Bucharest. It was established in 2006 out of the need to encourage local animation and showcase the best international productions. The over 450 short and feature films screened each year address both younger audiences (mainly Minimest, the children’s section of the festival) and adult audiences, with focus on productions from specific countries, animation schools, animation studios, as well as retrospectives, master-classes and thematic nights such as Creepy Animation Night or Animusic Night, with exciting ways for filmmakers and fans to interact and interesting industry meetings. 

The focus on education in animation is an important concern for the organizers, who prepare annual workshops for children, grown-ups and adults, as well as pitching sessions during the festival. The most important component is an intensive workshop called Animation Worksheep, a platform for training young animators under the guidance of Romanian and international professionals. The 8th edition of the workshop will take place this spring.

The festival also has special editions in Chisinau, the Republic of Moldova (annually, since 2011) and Brasov, Romania (since 2014).