17th edition
October 7-16, 2022

The Minimest Academy

The Minimest Academy is an educational project that aims to add animation to the educator’s toolkit by offering teachers and parents free quality resources that will introduce 6 to 12-year-olds to cinema culture and allow them to seamlessly pick up new academic concepts in an array of transdisciplinary fields.

The project promotes inclusion, diversity and tolerance (with themes and approaches personalized depending on the three targeted age groups: 6-8, 8-10 and 10-12-year-olds), critical thinking, democracy, inclusive education, and active learning. The animated films selected illustrate these themes, highlighting values such as friendship, respect towards people that are different to us, non-violence, ecology, the right to education, one’s relationship to family, intergenerational interactions, and European values.

During October 1 – November 15 2021, educators from all over Romania may go to the Animest platform at https://online.animest.ro and check out the films alongside relevant activities, which can be used in an individual or classroom setting. Below, we have included a list of the movies that will be accessible online, exclusively from Romania, via the Animest screening platform. All the teachers interested in these resources for their students are kindly asked to contact us at edu@animest.ro.

The Minimest Academy also includes a series of online workshops for a limited number of participants, based on one of the films in the selection. The writer Mihaela Coșescu will be offering creativity and debate sessions during October 11 – November 15. Are you a teacher interested in scheduling such an online workshop for your students? Write to us at edu@animest.ro. More workshops will be scheduled depending on our trainers’ availability and the teachers’ interest.

Depending on the national and local health restrictions in place at the time, we may be able to also host in-person screenings at the Cervantes Institute in Bucharest.

The Minimest Academy project is co-funded by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund and supported by the Cervantes Institute in Bucharest. The project does not necessarily reflect the position of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund. The ANCF is not responsible for the organization of this project, nor for the manner in which its deliverables are used.


The films you may choose from

Fritzi: A Revolutionary Tale – Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, The Czech Republic 2019, 80 min, directed by Ralf Kukula and Matthias Bruhn

Short films:

Home / Otthon – Hungary 2020, 7 min 43 sec, directed by Kinga Rofusz

The Boy and the Kite / O Papagaio e a Pipa – Brazil 2021, 7 min, directed by Tiago Mal

Jabberwocky – The Netherlands 2020, 2 min 15 sec, directed by Sjaak Rood

Bulit Listens to Nature / Bulit escucha a la naturaleza – Spain 2021, 9 min, directed by Mikel Urmeneta and Juanjo Elordi

Greece Treasures – Latvia 2021, 10 min 48 sec, directed by Jānis Cimmermanis

How I Overcame My Fear of Humans / Comment j’ai vaincu ma peur des humains – France 2020, 9 min, directed by Hélène Ducrocq

The Girl Who Stood Still / A menina parada – Portugal 2021, 9 min 30 sec, directed by Joana Toste

Migrants – France 2020, 8 min 17 sec, directed by Hugo Caby, Antoine Dupriez, Aubin Kubiak, Lucas Lermytte, and Zoé Devise

Mila – USA 2020, 19 min 50 sec, directed by Cinzia Angelini

Monkey Domino / Affendomino – Germany 2021, 4 min 07 sec, directed by Ulf Grenzer

A Stone in the Shoe / Un caillou dans la chaussure – France 2020, 11 min 28 sec, directed by Eric Montchaud

Footsteps on the Wind – USA 2021, 7 min 05 sec, directed by Maya Sanbar, Gustavo Leal and Faga Melo


Shorts films from the „Wandering Kite” programme, a selection made by the CEE Animation Festival Network, of which Animest is a member, cofinanced through the European Union's grant Creative Europe MEDIA: 

Koyaa – hârtia jucăușă / Koyaa – Elusive Paper –Slovenia 2019, 2 min 45 sec, directed Kolja Saksida

Domnul Noapte are zi liberă / Mr. Night Has a Day Off – Lituania 2016, 2 min, directed Ignas Meilunas 

Zmeul / The Kite – Cehia/ Slovacia/ Polonia, 2019, 13 min 5 sec, directed Martin Smatana 

Cioc-cioc / Knock Knock – Croația 2018, 3 min 56 sec, regia Ivana Guljašević

Mitch-Match: Episodul 6 / Mitch-Match: Episode 6 – Ungaria 2020, 2 min 12 sec, directed Géza M. Tóth

Norul / Cloudy – Cehia 2018, 4 min 44 sec, directed Filip Diviak, Zuzana Čupová 

Prințul Ki-Ki-Do: vânătoarea Prince Ki-Ki-Do: On the Run – Slovenia 2018, 5 min, directed Grega Mastnak 

All of the animated films above may be accessed online for free by educational institutions in Romania until November 15, 2021. In order to start using the films and activities, please contact us at edu@animest.ro.