Supported by the Finnish Film Foundation 

It's not possible to define Finnish animation in a couple of words. At the same time it is not the easiest task to curate selections under a certain theme since Finnish animation is so diverse, original and personal. The authors create films from their own artistic vision. Despite the over 100-year history of animated films in Finland, the production is still limited and there are not many animation studios which produce independent animation shorts. But there is lots of passion that pushes people forward. Teams are often put together just for one production, and after the film is done people continue working on their own projects. Along with individually directed projects, films are made in collectives where communities of animation professionals are able to support each other and work together in studio conditions. Finnish animation has been noticed all over the world, and when talking about success one can't leave Turku Arts Academy animation department without a mention. The school has shown the way forward for many professionals working on the field today.

Turku Animated Film Festival brings you two selections of Finnish animated shorts. Stop Motion from Finland consists of award winning stop motion animations from the last twenty years. Films that were widely seen at festivals all over the world, but haven't been screened very often in recent years. It's about the time you have a chance to see them again on the big screen.

TAFF = FAT gives you a fresh overall look on Finnish Animation Today. The compilation includes many successful animated films from recent years, made with various techniques. These films have been created in various conditions. From student films to films made in studios or residencies. From low budget artistic work of one author to films made in small groups, as well as in bigger collectives. One thing is common for all of the films: a true commitment and passion for expressing oneself through the art of animation.

- Joni Männistö, founder and director of Turku Animated Film Festival