Louise la malul mării | Louise en hiver | Louise by the shore

Louise, an old lady, misses the last train and gets stuck in a deserted seaside town at the end of summer. The weather quickly turns, the high tide comes in and cuts all electricity and any mode of communication. To survive, Louise must master natural elements and solitude. Memories come flooding back during her adventure and an unexpected companion comes along.

Awards: Grand Prize, Ottawa International Animation Festival 2016

Festivals: Annecy 2016, San Sebastian 2016, Rome 2016, Sitges 2016, Portland 2017, Tromsø 2017

Directed: Jean-François Laguionie
Country: France, Canada
Year: 2016 | Time: 75 minutes | Section: Feature Film 2017

Thursday 05.10.2017 ora 18:30, la Cinema Eforie
Friday 06.10.2017 ora 16:00, la Elvira Popescu Cinema