Marona's Fantastic Tale, by Anca Damian, opening ANIMEST.14

An unconditional love lesson, offered with skill and excitement, Marona's Fantastic Journey opens the 14th edition of the Bucharest International Animation Film Festival Animest (October 4-13, Bucharest) through a projection-event, scheduled on 4 October. The adventure of the little female dog, with her nose shaped as a heart, will be seen on the big screen, in the original french version, for the first time in Romania, at Cinema City, Afi Cotroceni Mall. Starting at 19.30, audiences of all ages are invited to watch the fabulous story of Marona, in the presence of the director Anca Damian, french co-producer Ron Dyens and the whole movie team.


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The third feature (long) animation film of Anca Damian had its international premiere in June, at Annecy, the biggest Animation Film Festival in the world, where the film was included in the official competition. 


Critics were quick to react and stated that they were impressed not only by the animation styles combined in a unique way, but also by the captivating story of the protagonist, a puppy born from a love story between an Argentine dogo and a common dog, which leaves deep traces in the lives of the masters who, in turn, receive her in their families. After an accident, the little pup remembers each one of them and the unconditional love that she carried in her heart for them, no matter the comfort she had found in their homes or the names she was given. 


"Told with charm, wit and invention, this is family entertainment with an appeal that should cross the generations", states Screendaily, while Hollywood Report appreciates "the pictures that transform themselves through shapes and colors".


The film is a Belgium - France - Romania production, and the story is signed by Anghel Damian, following an idea by Anca Damian. Talented Belgian artist Brecht Evens, is the one who created the character designs and the one that builds an aesthetically rich world of 2D, 3D and cut-out imagery chronicling one cute little canine’s journey through a series of temporary homes, garbage cans, alleyways and other periods of her hangdog existence.


In Romania, the film is distributed by Aparte Film and will enter theaters on October 4, with the release of the Animest opening.