Minimest Adventure

The richest ever program for children.    

The holiday is over, but for the little ones the real adventure is about to begin. Before you can say Minimestbetween 4 and 13 October, the city is transformed in the capital city of fun for children. Fascinating, fun, and educational, the films and workshops of the richest ever selection are now ready to win the young film fans, at the 14theditionof the Bucharest International Animation Film Festival – Animest. Warning: the parents will be allowed at screenings and events only if the children agree!

Subscriptions, which provide access to all Animest.14 events, have been put up for sale and are available on:

9 animation feature films will delight the little film fans and other 28 short films will compete for the section prize awarded based on the marks given by the most demanding jury. The adventure will start as of the first day of the festival, with the story of the brave boy in Jacob, Mimmi and the Talking Dogs, who decides to use all his wisdom to save the city park from demolition. Even more adventures will have the characters ofCircleen, Coco and the Wild Rhinoceros, two girls decided to visit Africa and to prove to the little film fans that real friendship doesn’t care about the colour of your skin. The film was included in the Crystal Bear competition at Berlin International Film Festival and is recommended for all children over 3 years old. 

Also from the Berlinale arrive the amusing characters of Gordon and Paddy, a private detective dreaming of retirement and his courageous successor who is ready to take up all the unexpected challenges that her new role lays before her. Mysterious are also the details Vitellodiscovers in his search of the father he had never known. His desire to learn the true story of his family makes him more grateful for life he has. 

From Estonia, the guest country of the Animest’s 14thedition, come to Bucharest Captain Morten and the Spider Queen, the fantastic trip of a boy who dreams to become a sailor, and the trilogy that follows the adventures of the adorable Lotte, a puppy that overcomes any obstacle thanks to her friends. About another kind of friendship, the story of Princess Emmyportrays the deep relationship between people and speechless animals, to the delight of the little ones who secretly wish to communicate with animals. 

Coming from all over the world, the new and highly awarded films included in this year Minimest short film competition address various topics, from family, acceptance and unity, to nature and environmental protection. Others make reference to classical stories, and in some of them, our loyal fans will find the heroes that they met at our previous editions. The Minimest winner will be designated by a jury made of three children in love with animated stories.

The movies dedicated to kids are joined, on the list of recommendations, by the well-known Missing Link, the latest feature film produced by the famous Laika Studios, and The Queen's Corgi, the adventure of the cute dog of the UK Queen. Many other stories suitable for the whole family will be announced soon, along with the full program of this edition.  

This year the screening annually organized at “Elvire Popesco” Movie Theatre and “Eforie” Archive Movie Theatre will be completed by events scheduled in two new host spaces. The Museum of Recent Art and Comical Opera for Children join the Minimest circuit, giving children even more occasions to explore the fantastic world of animation film and learn new things, playing at their will at the workshops dedicated to them.At each film screening for children, we will keep 10% of the hall capacity for free access, for the special cases which you will inform us about.

The full program of the section will be available soon on the Festival Website, Minimest Section. For registration at the stop-motion and comic strip workshops, you can write to: classes or groups of children) or (for individual entries). 


The 14thedition of the Bucharest International Animation Film Festival – Animest takes place between 4 October and 13 October 2019 at: “Eforie” Archive Movie Theatre, “Elvire Popesco” Movie Theatre, Cinema City, Comical Opera for Children, AWE - Adaptive Work Environment, Museum of Recent Art, Cervantes Institute, KUBE Musette and Club Control.

The Bucharest International Animation Film Festival – Animest is organized by ANIMEST Association, 

Co-financed by:UE Program “Creative Europe” 

Financed by:The Romanian Film Center, the Administration of National Cultural Fund, Romanian Filmmakers Association and the Romanian Cultural Institute

Partners:Groupama, Vlad Cazino, Samsung, 5 To Go, Green Hours, MARe (Museum of Recent Art), PlaYouth

Institutional Partners:French Institute, Austrian Cultural Forum, British Council, Cervantes Institute, Estonian Film Institute, Museum of Recent Art 

Media Partners:Radio Guerrilla, IQads, Observator Cultural, Radio România Cultural, Vice, Ziarul Metropolis, Films In Frame, The Institute, Cartierul Creativ, MovieNews, Cinefilia,,, Munteanu

Author: Alexandra Scinteianu
Published: 9/13/2019