Prezentari @ CINETic

30 September, Saturday - 2:00 p.m. CINETic
Making of “The Bog Bad Fox and Other Tales”

Le Grand Méchant Renard et autres contesFrance 2017, 79’Directors: Benjamin Renner, Patrick ImbertProduction: Folivari, Studio Canal, Panique!, RTBF, BE TV
Those of you who thought that the countryside is a quiet and peaceful place were mistaken. It's actually full of turbulent animals: a fox who thinks it's a chicken, a bunny who tries to be a stork and a duck who wants to stand in for Santa. If you were hoping for a nice vacation, you'd better keep moving.
Based on the comic book The Big Bad Fox by Benjamin Renner, published by Delcourt in 2015.

Speaker: Patrick Imbert, the co-director of the film

30 September, Saturday - 4:00 p.m. CINETic
Making of “Loving Vincent”

Loving VincentUK/Poland 2017, 95’
Directors: Dorota Kobiela, Hugh WelchmanProduction: Trademark Films, BreakThru Films

The world’s first fully painted feature film! The film brings the paintings of Vincent van Gogh to life to tell his remarkable story. Every one of the 65,000 frames of the film is an oil-painting hand-painted by 125 professional painters who travelled from all across Europe to the Loving Vincent studios in Poland and Greece to be a part of the production. Carmen Belean and Olga Królak both joined the loving Vincent ‘Greek team’ in 2016. 
Contact:Asociaţia Follow Art (Romania) /

Speakers: Carmen Belean (Romania) & Olga Królak (Poland), visual artists 

3 October, Tuesday – 12 noon CINETic
Comics Coffee 1

Meet Romanian and foreign Comics artists Matei Branea (RO) & Akira (RO)
Matei Branea Visual Artist, comics creator and animation filmmaker, Matei has a diploma from the UNATC, National University of Theatre and Film „I.L. Caragiale” Bucharest, is currently working on his PhD with the same university, where he also teaches Animation. He is the author of famous stories and characters in the written press, television and advertising, usually under the sign of black humour, sarcasm and irony. His best known comics character is OMULAN.Other projects: FatFingers, Re:Public, Marcă Înregistrată, Planeta Moldova, NexT IFF, / fb branealand.

Akira Romanian illustrator and graphic designer, with a diploma in Fine Arts / Graphic Design from the West University in Timişoara, Romania. His portfolio includes illustrations for magazines (Cosplay Gen, Helion, Sunete, Mecha Revolutions), comics, music albums (Lemmy Caution "Vifor", Furnici Coapte "2012"), books (Ciprian Homorodean "Take the Book, Take the Money, Run!", Ciprian Muresean "Auto-da-fe"), collaborations in advertisement (ISEE-shooting science, Firestarter-Brasov) and animation (Genius studios- Timisoara), group exhibitions and collaborations with other artists in artistic groups such as Biserica (The Church) Timişoara.

Speakers: Matei Branea (Romania) & Akira (Romania) 



4 October, Wednesday – 12 noon CINETic

Comics Coffee 2

Meet Romanian and foreign Comics artists

Miloš Jovanović (RO), Eugen Erhan (Fredo & Pidjin) (RO)


Miloš Jovanović

Graphic Design. Digital Design.
Miloš is an inventor, designer, publisher, curator, new media technologist, stereosocks-er and father of Nina. He was born in Nish, but now lives on Calea Grivitei. He is specialized in making simple things even simpler. He entered the comics industry at an early age - when he was 8, he used to sell and exchange comics albums in ex-Yugoslavia. Thirty years later, he considers himself part of Romanian culture. In 2002, he set up Hardcomics, a publishing house which revitalized Romanian comics, publisher of over 30 titles and 100 authors.


Eugen Erhan

The co-creator of Fredo & Pidjin comics, in charge of all things visual. He is a Graphic Designer with 16 years of experience in art direction, illustration and 3D animation. He teaches visual communication and computer graphics at the Univeristy of Arts in Bucharest.

Speakers: Miloš Jovanović (Romania) & Eugen Erhan (Romania) 


4 October, Wednesday – 2 p.m. CINETic

The Temptation of the Comics Adaptation in French Cinema


Film specialist Alexis Hunot comes to Bucharest to share with us his knowledge about French cinema, specially focusing on the topic of this year’s Anim’est, comics and animated film.

“First there is Cinema. A real passion. But then when I discovered that during all my studies people hide from me this incredible part of the cinema called animation. I knew I had to talk about it.
So first I became journalist, then I created my own website (Zewebanim) and radio show. Teacher in different schools in France (Ésaat, Rubika, Gobelins). Making conferences around the world (Japan, Egypt, Moldova). Working for festivals (Ficam in Morocco, Animafest, Annecy) and as artistic director of PIAFF, Paris International Animation Film Festival. And as a specialist in different institutions in France (CNC, Césars). The thing is always for me to try to make more room for this incredible expression of cinema, that the power of the frame by frame offer.”

Speaker: Alexis Hunot (France), film specialist  


4 October, Wednesday – 4 p.m. CINETic

Exploring In(ter)dependence


Reinhold Bidner´s experiments as an independent artist or in the frame of the Austrian collective gold extra are shifting in between various fields such as Experimental Animation, Media Art, (robotic) Performances, Games, and Augmented Reality, often with the attempt to combine analog and digital, abstract and concrete images, and often with an interest in social or political topics. In reference to this, Reinhold will talk about and present some of the projects he developed or that he was involved in, in the last years.


Speaker: Reinhold Bidner (Austria), independent artist


4 October, Wednesday – 6.30 p.m. CINETic

The Unlikely Animator

Dave Cooper (Canada)


Canadian artist Dave began his career in the 90s, making underground comics for Seattle's Fantagraphics Books. His graphic novel "Ripple" sported an introduction by David Cronenberg. 

At the turn of the century, Dave morphed into an oil painter, showing alternately at galleries in Los Angeles and New York City. Monographs of his paintings had introductions by David Cross, and Guillermo del Toro. Around 2008 Dave turned his attention to the field of animation, ultimately getting two TV shows greenlit. In the summer of 2017 Dave returned to oil painting, embarking on ambitious new works for his largest gallery show to date - 70 paintings for Paris, 2020.

Dave talks about his creative life from childhood on- his beginnings as an underground cartoonist, his life as an oil painter, love of books, and his unlikely career as a creator of animation, for both children and adults.


Speaker: Dave Cooper (Canada), cartoonist, painter, animator. 


5 October, Thursday – 12 noon CINETic

Comics Coffee 3


Meet Romanian and foreign Comics artists

Ciubi (RO), Noper (RO), Miklós Felvidéki (HU)



Ciubi, the a street artist living and working in Bucharest, also known as Pisica Pătrată. His career has it all: comic strips, illustrations, paintings, urban toys, animations. He coordinated a book on the history of Romanian comic strips and he is the founder of the Comics Museum in Bucharest. Many walls of the usually bleak Romanian capital have benefited from his colorful, more often than not squarish street art. , Fb /ARTISTpisicapatrata/



Romanian illustrator whose work clearly underlines his passion to create fabulous and bizarre characters and worlds. He finds his muses in every-day life, be it a funny event or a month-old frustration. That's why the majority of his surreal characters often are a "day to day" satirical quotation. He goes by the motto "If I see it, maybe I'll feel it. But if I feel it, fuck I'll draw it"., Fb /noperbot/


Miklós Felvidéki

"I'm a Hungarian cartoonist living in Budapest.
I make animation, commercial and film storyboards and illustration but comics are my favorite medium by far."


Speakers: Ciubi (Romania), Noper (Romania) & Miklós Felvidéki (Hungary)


5 October, Thursday – 2 p.m. CINETic

Art and Entertainment, 20 years without career planning

Kari Juusonen (Finland)


As part of our focus on Finnish animation, we are happy to welcome Kari Juusonen, awarded short, series and feature film director, best known for Niko and the Way to the Stars and Niko 2: Little Brother Big Trouble. He shares his experience about making animated film, giving tips to young artists at the beginning of their professional career.

 “Keep your eyes open and don't get too fixated with your own idea of yourself too early - like thinking you can only work as an indie director after making one short film.”

Speaker: Kari Juusonen (Finland), film director

5 October, Thursday - 4.00 p.m. CINETic

 Finnish Animation Sauna  

This year, we celebrate Finnish animation at Anim’est, with a special selection of old and new productions, short and feature films, a special workshop. We have the chance to welcome a number of remarkable artists from Finland: directors, graphic artists, animators, festival organisers, and the opportunity of learning the tricks of the trade from professionals. We hope that that the series of screenings and meetings hosted at Anim’est will make a nice portrait of animated film in Finland and will open horizons for possible cooperations. 
In partnership with the Finnish Film Foundation, who supported us in bringing the Finnish films and the artists to Bucharest. Special thanks to Joni Männistö, founder and director of Turku Animated Film Festival. 


Joni Männistö, animator, film director, film festival director

Maria Björklund, filmmaker, comics artist, illustrator

Tomi Malkki, graphic artist, illustrator, animator

Katariina Lillqvist, film director 

Tatu Pohjavirta, film director

Mark Ståhle, film director

Hanna Hemilä, producer and director

Kari Juusonen, film director 


5 October, Thursday – 5.00 p.m. CINETic

European Animation Awards : the Emile Awards ceremony


Join the European Animation family and participate in the first edition of the Emile Awards!

The first edition of the “European Animation Awards”, named “Emile Awards” after the two precursors of the cartoon industry Emile Cohl and Emile Reynaud, will take place in Lille at Le Nouveau Siècle theater on December 8th, 2017. A total of 17 trophies will be given out, rewarding each levels of the industry and covering as many fields as short animated movies, student movies, commissioned films, feature films and TV/broadcast productions. The Emile Awards will reward not only directors and producers but will also give tribute to storyboard, character and background designs or soundtrack artists, etc. The EAA association members, representing a large vision of European professionals, will vote the awards.

Speaker: Camille Principiano, the General Delegate of the EAA association.


5 October, Thursday - 6:30 p.m. CINETic

Making of “My Life as a Zuchhini”


Ma vie de Courgette

Switzerland, France 2016, 70’

Director: Claude Barras

Production: Rita Productions, Blue Spirit Productions, Gebeka Films


Courgette is an intriguing nickname for a 9-year-old boy, isn't it? After his mother’s sudden death, Courgette is befriended by a kind police officer Raymond, who accompanies him to his new foster home filled with other orphans his age. At first Courgette struggles to find his place in this new environment, but things will get better for him.

Two of the film crew members will talk about the production, mainly from the point of the view of the stop-motion puppet master (Christine Polis) and of the production manager (Théo Ciret). 

Local contact:

Asociaţia Culturală Macondo

Bucharest, Romania

Speakers: Christine Polis (Belgium) & Théo Ciret (France) 


6 October, Friday – 12 noon CINETic

 Comics Coffee 4

Meet Romanian and foreign Comics artists Maria Björklund (FI), Vuk Palibrk (RS), Dav Guedin (FR)

Maria Björklund An animation film maker, comics artist and illustrator from Helsinki. Interested in experimental, even abstract film and in more easily approachable character driven animation. Recently her most well-known work has been Planet Z which started off as a comic in the Nyt (“Now”) supplement in the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat. A Planet Z animated TV series is in pre-production with Björklund as director and screenwriter.

Vuk Palibrk He does illustrations and animated films. He has a degree in Graphics and Book Design, and a Master’s degree in Visual Communication. He made his debut in animated film with the stop-motion Regular Day (2013). He also published the illustrated book Red Riding Hood, the famous fairytale told in wordless comics. Currently he is interested in short animated forms such as gif animations.
Dav Guedin A French illustrator, living in Paris, who is published with his brother (Gnot Guedin) at “Le Dernier Cri”. Their art career started with drawing dirty images in their mother’s magazines and years later their work has evolved into a very unique recognizable freaky style. He now prefers to work alone, but still very linked to “Le Dernier Cri”.,

Speakers: Maria Björklund (Finland), Vuk Palibrk (Serbia), Dav Guedin (France)

6 October, Friday – 2.00 p.m. CINETic

 Masterclass - Ely Dagher

Ely Dagher, wnner of the Palme d’Or award for his short film Waves 98 (2015), shares his experience with young Romanian artists. 
Ely was born and raised in Beirut. Before diving into filmmaking Ely graduated with an MA in Contemporary Art Studies from Goldsmiths College in London. Ely has been active in the arts world, working across different mediums and forms and he has directed both live action and animated projects. In 2015 Ely’s short film Waves '98 was awarded the prestigious Golden Palm at the 68th Cannes Film Festival. It was also screened in renowned festivals such as Sundance FF, Toronto IFF and others.

Speaker: Ely Dagher (Lebanon), filmmaker 


6 October, Friday – 4.00 p.m. CINETic

 Making of “Louise by the Shore”

Louise en hiver France, Canada 2016, 75’
Director: Jean-François LaguionieProduction: JPL Films, Unité Centrale, Arte France, Tchack
Louise, an old lady, misses the last train and gets stuck in a deserted seaside town at the end of summer. The weather quickly turns, the high tide comes in and cuts all electricity and any mode of communication. To survive, Louise must master natural elements and solitude. Memories come flooding back during her adventure and an unexpected companion comes along.
JPL Films is a famous French production company based in Rennes, created in 1995 by producer, director and scriptwriter Jean-Pierre Lemouland. JPL Films specializes in traditional and digital animation and has an impressive design studio for making puppets and sets. “Louise en Hiver” is their first feature film.
Contact:JPL FilmsRennes,

Speaker: Jean Pierre Lemouland (France), producer 


6 October, Friday – 6.30 p.m. CINETic - Prezentare anulată din motive obiective. Oaspetele nu mai poate veni la București. 

An Insight to Illumination Mac Guff


Founded in 1986, Mac Guff Ligne is a visual effects and animation company based in Paris, who fabricated Despicable Meand, following the success of the film, Universal decided to ensure its collaboration with Mac Guff Ligne in 2011 by creating together Illumination Mac Guff. The studio has become one of the world's leading studios for animated features films, employing 900 graphic artists, computer engineers and animators. It has fabricated such blockbusters as the franchise Despicable Me (2010-2017) and Minions (2015), Dr. Seuss' The Lorax (2012), The Secret Life of Pets (2016) and Sing (2016). The studio is currently working on a slate of four films, The Grinch (2018) and the sequels of Minions(2019), The Secret Life of Pets (2020) and Sing (2020). Three more untitled films have been announced, with release dates up to 2023.

With a career of 30 years in creative medias spanning from digital visual effects for commercials and cinema to 3D animation as president and founder of Mac Guff Ligne, Jacques Bled became in 2011 the president of Illumination Mac Guff.


Illumintion Mac Guff

Paris, France

Speaker: Jacques Bled (France), president