Pietroaie în buzunare | Rocks in My Pockets | Rocks in My Pockets

The story of five women of the director’s family, including herself, and their battle with madness. The film raises questions of how much family genetics determine who we are and if it is possible to outsmart one’s own DNA. The film is packed with visual metaphors, surreal images and twisted sense of humor. It is an animated tale full of art, women, strange daring stories, Latvian accents, history, nature, adventure and more.

Directed: Signe Baumane
Country: U.S.A., Latvia
Year: 2014 | Time: 93 minutes | Section: Feature Film 2014

Monday 06.10.2014 ora 22:00, la Studio Cinema
Tuesday 07.10.2014 ora 14:00, la Studio Cinema


Awards: FIPRESCI Award, Karlovy Vary 2014; Best Feature Film, ANIMATOR 2014