The Anim'est Trophy goes to Italy!

Italian short Big Bang Big Boom (dir. Blu, 2010) is the big winner of the fifth edition of Anim'est. Sound-designer Andrea Martignoni went up on stage to claim the Trophy, offered by The Romanian Cultural Institute (RCI). Martignoni received the trophy from Irina Malcea, on behalf of the RCI and film critic Mihai Chirilov, member of the Anim'est 2010 Jury. “It's a simple film in concept, yet inventive and monumental in execution. The film manages to reinvent the dereliction of the city with strikingly powerful imagery and the pure pleasure of creation. It is a tour deforce” was the unanimous oppinion of the Jury.

Here are the rest of the awards offered on Saturday evening at Cinema Patria:


The Anim’est Trophy, presented to a film in the Short Film competition, offered by the Romanian Cultural Institute, in value of 2,500 euro

Big Bang Big Boom (dir. Blu, Italy, 2010)


Best Feature Film Award, offered by Groupama, in value of 1,000 euro and software offered by Toon Boom

Eleanor's Secret / Kérity, la maison des contes  (dir. Dominique Monféry, France-Italy, 2009)


Best Short Film Award, offered by Opel, in value of 1,000 euro and software offered by Toon Boom 

Dust Kid / Munjiai (dir. Yumi Jung, Korea, 2009)


Special Jury Award presented to a short film, offered by RADEF RomaniaFilm, in value of 500 euro

Anna Blume (dir. Vessela Dantcheva, Germany-Bulgaria, 2009)


Best Student Film Award, offered by, in value of 500 euro and software offered by Toon Boom 

Bottle (dir. Kirsten Lepore, USA, 2010)


Best Romanian Film Award, offered by, in value of 500 euro and software offered by Toon Boom

Matthias, Matthias / Mátyás, Mátyás (dir. Cecilia Felméri, Romania, 2009)


Best Film in the Balkanimation competition, offered by Toon Boom – software in value of 1,000 US dollars

Once upon a many time (dir. Eva Cvijanovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Canada 2010) 


Best Music Video Award, offered by MTV, in value of 500 euro and software offered by Toon Boom

Out Of The Forrest – The National Slow Show (r. Tobias Gundorff Boesen, Denmark, 2010)

Best Advertising Award, offered by Este'n'est

 Scrabble Yoga (r.  Irina Dakeva, Clement Dozier, France, 2009)

The Audience Award, presented to a short film in the Mozaic section line-up, offered by 

One Minute Fly (dir. Michael Reichert, Germany, 2008)


Lifetime Achievement Award, offered to a recognized Romanian film director

Mr. Zeno Bogdănescu


Special Mention of The Jury for a Short film 

Afloat at Dawn (dir. Elise Simard, Canada, 2009)

A Family Portrait (dir. Joseph Pierce, UK, 2009)

Duck, Death and the Tulip / Ente, Tod und Tulpe (dir. Matthias Bruhn, Germany, 2010)

I Was Crying Out at Life. Or For It Je criais contre la vie. Ou pour elle (dir. Vergine Keaton, France, 2009) 

Lust to Dust / Amourette (dir. Maja Gehrig, Switzerland, 2009)

The Whimsical Council / Le concile lunatique (dir. Christophe Gautry, Arnaud Demuynck, France-Belgium, 2010)


Special Mention of The Jury for a Student film 

Dog-Walking Ground (dir. Leonid Shmelkov, Russia, 2009)

Loom (dir. Ilija Brunck, Jan Bitzer, Csaba Letay, Germany, 2010)

Swimming Pool (dir. Alexandra Hetmerova, Czech Republic, 2010)


Lucky Viewer Award, offered by Anim'est – a festival pass and full festival kit for Anim'est 2011

Ana Zamfirescu


Award for the Best Short Film in the Minimest section

The Little Boy and the Beast  / (r. Uwe Heidschötter, Johannes Weiland, Germania, 2009)


Minimest Drawing Exhibition Awards – books offered by Teora

Teodora Cosma

Barbu Dragomir

Marta Sersescu

Published: 1/15/2011