The reference names of the industry face-to-face with animation movie lovers.

Who are Animest.14 guests?

They are the creators of award-winning animation movies at the biggest festivals. The stories and characters imagined by them are known around the world and have won the public everywhere. They have innovated the movie universe and placed themselves among the reference name of this field. At Animest’s 14th edition (4-13 October), the industry stars come to Romania with stories, tips, and backstage secrets of the most award-winning productions which they worked on. The event-meetings with experts in the field will take place at AWE (Adaptive Work Environment), the space that will also host a series of presentations of the Romanian creators that make a difference.

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The absolute surprise of this edition will be the meeting with the Canadian artist Robert Valley, known for Pear Cider and Cigarettes, nominated in 2017 for Academy Awards for Best Animated Short Film, but also for his Sci-Fi Zima Blue, included in the renown Netflix anthology Love Death and Robots. His unmistakable style influenced many set designers, video game creators and comics authors, and his contribution as character designer for Disney production Tron: Uprising brought him an Annie Award in 2013. Guest in this year jury for International Short Film Competition & Student Competition, Robert Valley will not miss the opportunity to meet the Romanian fans at Animest. Within the masterclass From Comics to Animation, organized on 11 October, at 17:00, the artist will tell about what inspires him and the true reasons for which he has chosen independent production, but he will also respond to the enquiries related to his collaborations with Gorillaz and Metallica. On the same day, you can see some of the films signed by him at 18:30, at “Eforie” Archive Movie Theatre.

It will arrive in Romania for the first time also the nonconformist director and animator Paul Bush, known for his movies that dissolve the borders between fiction, documentary and animation. A pioneer in using the live action elements, the work of this British artist has been influenced by his passion for fine arts and he has been able to create their own visual signature, which will haunt you for a while. At Animest you can meet him on 12 October, at 13:00, within the masterclass Falling in love with the frame. The Albatross (1998), While Darwin Sleeps (2004), The Five Minute Museum (2015) and few others short films signed by him will be screen at “Elvire Popesco” Movie Theatre, at 17:00.


Guest festival: Ars Electronica

Digital Revolution Explorer since 1979, the festival Ars Electronica has focused since its beginnings on innovations and possible scenarios of the future, at the confluence between art, technology and society. The vision, ideas and projects proposed by the festival in collaboration with artists, scientists, experts in technology, engineers, entrepreneurs and social activists from all over the world are innovative, radical and not at all tributary to the mainstreams. The festival director, researcher and curator Jürgen Hagler will bring with him at Bucharest a sample of the futuristic atmosphere of the event: a series of installations which we invite you to discover them in our partner spaces. Animest guest in the jury for International Feature Film Competition & Romanian Competition, Jürgen will speak about Ars Electronica on 9 October, at 17:00, at AWE.

Animest.14 Guest Studio: Papy 3D

The French production company Papy 3D has been founded in 2006 by a group of experienced animator directors interested in working in an environment that allows them to be closely involved in all the stages of movie making. Among the founders of the studio there is Richard Van Den Boom, guest in this year jury for International Short Film Competition & Student Competition. Ph.D. in molecular physics, Richard has met the animation world through his wife, and what at first seemed just a simple preference in movies has turned over time into a passion, and then become a successful career. As production director at Papy 3D he has been responsible for three projects in 2019 and has in production or under development three more projects for the years to come.

Present at her turn at this edition, Sarah Van Den Boom was on the favourite list for the Annecy Cristal in 2006 and 2010, and this year, the latest short film signed by her, Raymonde ou l'évasion verticale, was nominated for César Awards. Sarah will be a part of the jury for International Feature Film Competition & Romanian Competition and, together with her husband, will have a complex presentation of the studio on 9 October, at 15:30. Some of the most award-winning films produced by Papy 3D will be screen during the 10 days of the festival in the partner movie theatres.

Guest country: Estonia

The country which has provided a generous series of top artists of the European animation, Estonia will be the star of this year edition. Among its representatives are already the famous Janno Põldma, present twice at the Berlinale competition with Lotte trilogy films - the sensation of this year Minimest section. In this section Captain Morten and the Spider Queen will be also presented, the newest film of Kaspar Jancis, guest in the jury for International Feature Film Competition & Romanian Competition.

By far one of the most popular Estonian personalities of the industry, the drawer and director Priit Pärns has distinguished himself thanks to a particular aesthetic since the beginning of his career. You might recognize his movies even blindfolded if you would let yourself guided by the dark humour and surrealism specific to his creations. Since 1990 he has been teaching animation at universities in Europe, and since 2006 he has been the head of the Animation Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Estonia, where he now leads the Master programme. Since 2008, he has been a member of the European Film Academy, and at Animest he will come together with his lifetime and creation partner, Olga Pärn, and have an extraordinary masterclass on 10 October, at 17:00.

The new Estonian animator generation will be represented by Chintis Lundgren, 38-year artist, already nominated at Annecy, Sundance, Toronto and Clermont-Ferrand. On 9 October, at 19:00, you can meet her during the presentation of her movie selection at AWE: The Absinthe Rabbits of Chintis Lundgren.

Erotic animation movies: a must-see at Animest.14

She still draws her movies on paper and is one of the most daring European artists. She addresses bold topics, attacks political themes and explores sexuality with a total freedom of expression. Sara Koppel comes to Animest as a member of the jury for International Short Film Competition & Student Competition and is ready to answer all the questions, after the screening of the erotic movies signed by her. The access to Naked Love with Sara Koppel is forbidden to persons under 18 years of age.

EROTICA – The Night of Erotic Animation is dedicated only to adults, and scheduled on 8 October, at 22:30, “Eforie” Archive Movie Theatre. Provocative and effervescent, the selection not recommended to prude spectators celebrates diversity, exploring a variety of sexuality perspectives, without no exceptions in respect of the artistic quality.


The 14th edition of the Bucharest International Animation Film Festival – Animest takes place between 4 October and 13 October 2019 at: “Eforie” Archive Movie Theatre, “Elvire Popesco” Movie Theatre, Cinema City, Comical Opera for Children, AWE - Adaptive Work Environment, Museum of Recent Art, Cervantes Institute, KUBE Musette and Club Control.

The Bucharest International Animation Film Festival – Animest is organized by ANIMEST Association,

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Author: Alexandra Scinteianu
Published: 9/30/2019