The 2019 edition of The Trippy Animation Night offers the spectator a variety of rare and classic footage, lost and found again. Be prepared for a wagonload of acid popcorn that is going to provoke your gustatory nerves.

More than ever before the emphasis of this screening lies on the gory and blasphemic formats of cinematic expression. This show zig-zags from the pure psychedelic photoplay along futuristic visions, popular mechanics, optical illusions, altered atrocities and straightforward sleaze exploitation to real works of art.

Just lean back and enjoy an orgy of bad taste and guilty pleasures.

No 3D goggles needed so far. The eye-candy is coming at you anyway.

The only traditional element in this show is your confidant host and curator Mister Helmerhorst flown in from Amsterdam.

Curator: Michael Helmerhorst (The Netherlands)