Friday, 29 September, at 23.00, Cinema Eforie


Trippy Animation Night, Volume 4

Animation is the purest form of art when it comes to visualized movement kept within a time-frame. (Reginald T. Claws)

This year’s edition of the Trippy Animation Night contains a fine selection of awkward and offbeat material that ranges  from pastime days-footage to the latest available stuff squeezed
from the everready youtube.
See Duck Twacy vs Neon noodle! Face the fact that Dirty Duck turns out to be a transgender character after all!
For your very eyes only, approximately 2 hours of psychotronic and demented depictions arranged in sub-themes such as:

Motion Graphics from Balloonland
Drug Abuse & Other Experiments
Splatter & Gore (Grand Guignol)
Dark City Dames
Sideshow Freaks
Creative Writing
Celluloid Clippings
Erratic Erotics
The Modern Classics
20th Century Music by composers:
Tibor Harsany, Erik Satie & Edvard Grieg
as a solid basis for fast & furious animation
Plus the usual portion of Pop-clips &
outrageous commercials.

Again I’ll have the pleasure to be your host and moderator at this nocturnal screening of wild & wacky animated photoplays.
(Michael Helmerhorst)