Bandits Collective, UK

Director: Bandits Collective

Design: Bandits Collective

Animation: William Lorton, Paul Torris, Camille Rabes 

Music: Daniele Carmosino

Sound: Daniele Carmosino

Production: Picnic Studio

Little Louis is happy living with his grandparents in Northern Catalonia. When his grandmother dies, he and his grandfather struggle to rebuild their relationship. A room scale VR short movie focusing on perspectives and point of views. Through Louis' eyes, you will see the world as you used to experience it when you were little. And from few others that only virtual reality can make it possible.




TinDrum, Denmark

Director: Michelle Kranot, Uri Kranot

Design: Michelle Kranot

Installation: Sara Topsøe-Jensen

Animation: Michelle Kranot, Uri Kranot, Marine Duchet, Juliette Viger, Fabien Corre 

Music: Uri Kranot

Production: Dansk Tegnefilm, Miyu

Nothing Happensis both a cinematic and Virtual Reality experience which question the role of the spectator, by inviting the individual to participate in an event. VR allows us to choose our perspective, allows us to become absorbed in the unique atmosphere. The project explores a different kind of narrative, a new way of being in a painting.



Depart, Austria

Authors: Leonhard Lass, Gregor Ladenhauf

The virtual reality installation transports the visitor to a place "behind the mirror". The Lacuna is a volatile room that keeps changing around its guest – shifting in scale and mutating its architectural features – while revealing traces of poetic narratives. Loosely inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice books, it combines sound, text and imagery into an alternate surrealism. The installation permits a physically impossible experience of poetic space and a reflection about the fragile relation of the beholder to her/his environment.