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16th edition
October 8-17, 2021
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Animated Women –The exhibit that comes to life through augmented reality

The traditional self-portrait is getting a facelift powered by augmented reality (AR) through the Animated Women exhibition, an initiative aimed at offering more visibility to female-identifying creators in the industry. During October 8-17, for the 16th edition of Animest, 20 self-portraits of artists from Romania and abroad are coming to life through physical displays using AR technology.

Check out the exhibition in the Green Hours courtyard (120 Calea Victoriei) every day during the festival, from 9 AM to midnight. Each of the 20 animated portraits becomes animated when you scan its QR code with the eyejack app.

The Animated Women initiative first started in 2020, during the Fantoche International Animation Film Festival in Switzerland, with over 40 animated self-portraits. Recently, the project was also adopted in the Netherlands, where during the Kaboom Animation Festival, 14 portraits were exhibited on billboards in Amsterdam and Utrecht, on an itinerant route dedicated to women in the industry. So far, almost 100 self-portraits have come to life using AR in this project dedicated to female excellence in animation.

10 of the self-portraits exhibited in the Green Hours courtyard were created by artists in Romania: Alma Cazacu, Adela Holdon, Andrada Iacobeț, Réka Mátyás, Ionela Adriana Mogosanu, Teodora Pascanu, Cristina Pecherle, Cristina Pîrvu, Cosmina-Elena Sandu, Gabi Toma. Alongside them, the EyeJack app will animate the portraits of artists Natasza Cetner and Laura White (UK), Diana Monova (Belgium), Elly Stern (Canada), Goga Mason (Italy), Iva Tokmakchieva (Bulgaria), Lucie Levrangi (France), Sandra Barth (Germany), Sarah Walsh (Ireland), and Sofiia Melnyk (Ukraine).

This exhibit was curated by Manu Weiss, the creator of the international Animated Women initiative.

Photo credits: Daniel Rădulescu.


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