18th edition
October 6-15, 2023

Rules & Regulations

Animest 2023, 18th Bucharest International Animation Film Festival, Romania

Rules and Regulations


Chapter 1 – Organizer and objectives

Animest — Bucharest International Animation Film Festival — is an international competition festival organized by ANIMEST, a non-profit cultural association submitted to the Romanian law, and seeks to promote cartoons and animated films from all over the world, encouraging the production of Romanian animated films.


Chapter 2 – Definition

Films can be entered for Animest if they correspond to the definition of animation formulated by the International Animated Film Association, ASIFA: “The art of animation is the creation of moving images through the manipulation of all variety of techniques apart from live action methods.”


Chapter 3 – Dates and deadlines

Animest 2023 will take place in Bucharest, Romania from October 6 to 15, 2023.

Entry form, files and documents to be submitted by: June 20, 2023.

Arrival of the DCP copies or .mov H264 HD files of the selected films: September 20, 2023.


Chapter 4 – Competition categories

Animest comprises eight official competitive categories.

Official categories in competition:

Short film – less than 50 minutes: animated short films made after January 1, 2022, which have not previously competed in any Animest festival.

Feature film – more than 50 minutes: animated feature films made after January 1, 2022, which have not previously competed in any Animest festival.

Anidocs: animated short documentaries made after January 1, 2022, which have not previously competed in any Animest festival.

Student film: animated short films made by a student or a film school (graduation films or not) after January 1, 2022, which have not previously competed in any Animest festival.

Romanian short film: Romanian animated films (local productions or co-productions) completed after January 1, 2022.

Minimest: animated short films presenting an interest for a public of children aged 4 to 14, made after January 1, 2022, which have not previously competed in any Animest festival.

Music video: animated short films made after January 1, 2022, primarily together with existing music covering minimally 80% of the footage.

VR animation: animated short films using virtual reality.


Non-competitive sections, tributes and retrospectives: animated shorts or features reflecting the latest tendencies of the genre or selected on account of their role in the history of animated film, regardless of length, production date or country of origin.


Chapter 5 – Number of screenings

During the festival, no film will be shown at more than three public screenings. ANIMEST undertakes to request written authorization from the producer, distributor or director in the case of additional screenings.

Outside the festival, in the case of awarded short films of the latest edition included in the ‘Best of’ compilation selected to be screened in a partner festival, ANIMEST will notify the authors and ask for their agreement.

Educational short films may be selected without the written agreement of the author, to be screened in Romania in the framework of an educational programme for children (e.g. in schools or cinemas) with no entry fee. 


Chapter 6 – Entry form procedures for selection

There is no registration fee for films entered for the festival.

A producer, director or distributor wishing to enter their film(s) for selection must fill in the online entry form and must provide at least three still from the film (the resolution should be no less than 300 dpi), a digital version of the film for preview (.mov or .mp4 format) and the English subtitles of the film for previewing.

The deadline of submissions is June 20, 2023.


Very important! In order to be selected for competition, the films must be at their first screening in Romania (except for Romanian short films).


Chapter 7 – Selection committee and results

The Selection Committee appointed by ANIMEST will be responsible for the selection of the films to be shown in all the sections of the festival. Their decision is final.

The result of the selection will be made public on the festival website, and each selected author will be notified via email.


Chapter 8 – Formats of the prints

Selected films should be provided in their original format no later than September 20, 2023. The festival can screen DCP prints or digital files with the following specs for image: mov / mp4, encoder h264, max. 20000 kbps constant bit rate, ideal resolution of 1080p (1920x1080) and sound: AAC 48kHz / 16bit.

All the films with dialogues must have English subtitles.


Chapter 9 – Shipping details and return of selected films

The deadline for receiving the DCPs or files of the selected films is September 20. The shipping expenses are the responsibility of the participants in competition. For the films in the non-competitive sections, Animest will support one way of the shipment of the prints or DCPs, especially the way back to the distributor or the next festival, wherever necessarily. The shipping details will be provided by the festival, on time for each participant.

The Animest festival declines all responsibility for selected films that arrive after the final deadline. In order to ensure the smooth running of the event, the festival reserves the right to cancel screening of films that arrive late.

The festival undertakes to return prints in two weeks after the end of the festival, wherever necessary, and on time for any other event that requires them before that date.


Chapter 10 – Jury and prizes

In 2023, the films chosen for the official selection for the categories in competition will be judged by a professional jury designated by the organizing committee of the festival. The Jury will award:

-          The Animest Trophy – for the best short film in competition

-          The Best Feature Film

-          The Best Documentary Short Film (Anidoc)

-          The Best Student Short Film

-          The Best Romanian Short Film

-          The Best Short Film for Children (Minimest)

-          The Best Music Video

-          The Best VR Film

The Audience Award will be offered to a film in the short or student competition category, based on the votes of the viewers.


Chapter 11 - Jurisdiction

Participation in the festival implies acceptance of the current rules and regulations. Should any complaint arise, it will be solved by the organizers considering the Romanian version of these Rules and Regulations and the Romanian legislation. The Animest Association has the right to invoke force majeure as it is defined according to the Romanian legislation.


Practical information:

Animest 2023, competitive festival

No entry fee

Festival dates: October 6 - 15, 2022

Bucharest, Romania



Entry form and the required material, to be submitted via animist.ro before:  June 20, 2023

Arrival of prints and of HD files of the selected films, to be received before: September 20, 2023