19th edition
October 4-13, 2024

Marta Pajek's Creative Process

Marta Pajek is an award-winning Polish animation filmmaker. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, she studied at the Animated Film Studio headed by legendary animator Jerzy Kucia. Pajek later trained under the mentorship of Estonian animator Priit Pärn at the Turku Arts Academy in Finland. Pajek’s filmmaking style has been shaped by an interest in the arts and graphic design, as well as dance, psychology, spirituality and human experiences. She has directed several animated shorts, including After Apples (2004), Sleepincord (2011) and most recently the award winning Impossible Figures and other stories triptych (2016-2021).

Marta Pajek will give the audience an insight into the development of her creative process, starting from the first student films, through the professional debut to the Impossible Figures and other stories triptych. She will share her inspirations and talk about her approach to writing as well as the music and sound design in her films.

Admission is free, with limited places available.
Language of the event: English.

  • Institutul Cervantes
    12-10-23 11:30