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October 4-13, 2024
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Animest 2022 awards

Animest Trophy 

Ice Merchants – Portugal 2022, 14 min, dir. João Gonzalez


Special Mention for a short film

The Garbage Man - Portugal 2022, 11 min 50 s, dir. Laura Gonçalves 


The Audience Award 

Suruaika – Romania 2022, 9 min 13 sec, dir. Vlad Ilicevici, Radu C. Pop  


Best Anidoc 

Once there was a sea… - Slovakia, Poland 2021, 16 min 40 s, dir. Joanna Kozuch


Best Student Film 

Patient's Mind - China 2021, 6 min 5 s, dir. Zhiheng Wang 


Special Mention for a Student film 

Girl in the Water - Taiwan 2021, 7 min 20 s, dir. Shi-Rou Huang 


Personal Special Mention from the Jury member Balázs Turai

Sierra - Estonia 2022, 15 min 57 s, dir. Sander Joon


Personal Special Mention from the Jury member Abi Feijó

Miracasas - France, Switzerland 2022, 13 min 51 s, dir. r. Raphaëlle Stolz 


Best Feature Film 

Nayola, dir.  José Miguel Ribeiro 


Special Mention for a Feature film 

My love affair with marriage, dir. Signe Baumane


Best Romanian Film 

Sasha – Romania 2022, 12 min 50 s, dir. Serghei Chiviriga 


Special Mention for a Romanian film 

Glass Fingers – Romania 2022, 6 min 58 s, dir. Alina Gheorghe


Best Music Video (Animusic)

 ‘Be Gone’ Knivesrain - China 2022, 3’56, dir. Sijia Luo


Special Mention for a Music Video (Animusic)

‘Pulse at the Centre Of Being’ Max Cooper - Hong Kong 2021, 4’19, dir. Tsz-wing Ho

‘Teeth Agape’ Tanya Tagaq - Canada 2022, 3’33, dir. David Seitz


Best VR short film 

Thank You for Sharing Your World - Japan 2022, 33 min, dir. Yu Sakudo


Special Mention for VR short film

Surfacing - Italy, Portugal 2022, 20 min 37 s, dir. Rossella Schillaci


Best short film for children (Minimest)

The Child and the Goose – France 2021, 7 min 52 s, dir. Jade Chastan, Alice Failla, Jérôme Ginesta, Justine Hermetz, Sophie Lafleur, Vincent Lenne 


Animation Pitch Prize 

A Horse in SwanSea - Maria Brudașcă


Animation Incubator Prize 

Rigby Matei, Marta Crețu, Alexandrina Moldovan

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