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October 4-13, 2024
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Animest Christmas Special 2022

In December, children celebrated Christmas with Animest, with workshops and animated films inspired by the winter holidays. The event took place on Saturday, December 17, at the Cervantes Institute in Bucharest.

Participants began the morning with a warm cinnamon tea, followed by a screening of a batch of short films for children (6+). They then participated in animation workshops, under the guidance of animator and director Calin Gherghevici. These workshops focused on creating animated Christmas greetings using stop-motion techniques, using professional equipment.

The workshops were aimed at children aged 6-12 and all 12 available places were booked. During the workshops, children learned basic concepts of animation and how to create characters and tell stories through images. They also developed their visual thinking and learned to collaborate with other children. In the end, the children produced animated greetings perfect for sending with the holiday season.

The workshop was organized with the support of Groupama Asigurari, the Cervantes Institute, and UNATC.

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