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16th edition
October 8-17, 2021

Guest animation studio: FOOL MOON (Slovakia)

Fool Moon is a production company focusing on the creation of animated audio-visual projects. It was founded in 2009 by a director and producer of animated films Katarína Kerekesová. 

The Company works with many established creators in the Slovak animated film industry. The main goal of the company is to bring new forms of storytelling with original art forms for the children and adults alike. Over the last years, the company was involved in many co-productions with Radio and Television Slovakia, such as the successful animated TV series Mimi and Lisa and The Websters. The company also focuses on short-format arthouse animation, such as Yellow, directed by Ivana Šebestová. The company plays a major part in publishing the bestseller books based on their own brand: Mimi and Lisa and The Websters. 

Currently, the company is launching the educational animated cycle covering the broad spectrum of the primary school curriculum. 

Fool Moon is an active member of the Slovak Association of the Producers of the Animated Film.