18th edition
October 6-15, 2023

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Animest Is Celebrating Its 18th Edition with a Marathon of Adults-Only Events
The Animest International Animation Film Festival brings something special beyond young audience oriented events, films for the entire family, or indu..
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Exploring Baltic Animation: Latvia, Animest.18 Guest Country
The annual retrospective dedicated to countries with a strong presence on the international map of animated film is already a tradition at Animest. On..
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The National Competition at Animest.18: 90 Minutes of Fresh Romanian Films
Some anchored in our day-to-day reality, others floating in fantastical worlds, all increasingly courageous in their approach to animation styles, the..
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Chicken for Linda!, winner of the Annecy Cristal, opens Animest.18 with a touching story of food, family, and childhood
  Amid Paris paralyzed by a general strike, a charming family story unfolds in Chicken for Linda! (Linda veut du poulet!), the opening film of..
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Înscrieri în Incubatorul de animație 2023
Proiectul Animest devenit cea mai mare Comunitate pentru adolescenți dedicată animației și artei digitale În urmă cu 4 ani, Animest lansa I..
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Animest International Competition Reshapes Imagination
  Animest International Competition Reshapes Imagination   This year, we’re redefining creativity, frame by multi-colored frame..
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SYAA, Animest’s Program for Female Animators, Wraps Up Third Edition
A recent highlight for the Animest team was the successful completion of the third edition of the Sisterhood of Young Animation Auteurs (SYAA) intensi..
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Pitch, Please! Register for the Animest Training for Animators
Animation directors and producers from Romania and the Republic of Moldova, listen up! Until September 10, you can apply with your animation projects ..
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Animest.18: October 6-15, Join the Dance!
Animest.18: October 6 to 15, come Join the Dance!   Animest people, dust off your dancing shoes, get ready to meet world-changing animation..
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GoCritic! opens call for Animest Bucharest and announces further workshops
As the first year of the partnership between GoCritic! and Animation Festival Network has wrapped up with a workshop at Fest Anča International Animat..
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ANIMEST+ brings film screenings in Zemeș, Bacău
ANIMEST+ project, developed by the Animest Association, meets the urgent needs of the animation industry in Romania, of young animators, of future aud..
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