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16th edition
October 8-17, 2021

Strawberry Days: The Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava

Guest animation school

Showcase of Contemporary Female Animation

The Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava presents a showcase of animated shorts made by Slovak female directors. This selection includes brief animation exercises, as well as complex graduation films of past and present students of the Film and Television Faculty. Most of these films were hand-drawn, but there are also puppet and cutout stop-motion animations. The visual and graphic diversity offers the audience a compact overview of contemporary Slovak animation. 

Slovak female animation directors often thematize emotionality and relationships: love, family, as well as the relationship with oneself. Their metaphorical narration reveals human sensitivity in the world of technological inventions, social contrasts, and complicated interpersonal bonds. Despite their seemingly similar topics, the films are far from monotonous. Their stories are seasoned with humour and irony, which is emphasized by their fresh visuals. The directorial approaches range from strongly narrative films to lyrical audio-visual poetry, from rich illustration to graphic minimalism. All the films in this Slovak contemporary female animation section have been screened and awarded at film festivals around the world.

  • Institutul Cervantes
    16-10-21 18:00